Antunes Partnership with Splash

Throughout the world, Antunes has a reputation for excellence, and with that reputation comes a social responsibility to make our planet a better place. We accomplish that not only through our products and business practices, but also through our partnership with Splash.

Founded by Eric Stowe in 2006, Splash is a nonprofit organization that brings clean water to children throughout the world. Antunes began working with Splash soon after its inception, and through this partnership, Splash has installed more than 1,140 of our water filtration systems throughout the world.

In 2011, Antunes named Splash as its corporate charity and has supported the organization through financial donations from corporate initiatives and events. So far, we have raised more than $100,000 for Splash, and we're excited to continue to support this wonderful organization.

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FAQ About Splash and its Partnership with Antunes

What is Splash?

Founded in 2006 by Eric Stowe, Splash is a nonprofit organization that provides clean drinking water to children in orphanages, schools, hospitals, street shelters and rescue homes around the world. 

Where does Splash currently operate?

More than 310,000 people each day in Bangladesh, Thailand, Ethiopia, China, India, Nepal and Cambodia are able to drink clean water because of the work of Splash.

What was the catalyst for Splash?

Founder Eric Stowe previously worked with orphanages in China. He spent days in the institutions, where water was unsafe, and nights with adoptive families in hotels or restaurants with safe water within that same city. Dealing with the juxtaposition between these situations, Eric wondered how they could redirect and leverage the existing supply chains for the hotels and restaurants to ensure that children have clean water. He realized that—beyond orphanages—schools, shelters and other child-serving institutions presented an opportunity to maximize the impact of water filtration, and Splash was created.

Why does Antunes partner with Splash?

The mission of Splash resonates with Antunes both on a corporate level and at a personal one. Team members have travelled to installation sites to view the organization’s work firsthand and can attest to the impact it has had and continues to have on thousands of people around the world.

How does Antunes partner with Splash?

The reliable water filtration systems from Antunes provide the necessary means to generate clean water, utilizing Splash’s established networks to complete the installation projects in a timely manner and manage the projects on an ongoing basis.

Are there other ways Antunes contributes to Splash?

In addition to being a valued product supplier, Antunes has adopted Splash as its corporate charity and supports the organization through financial donations from corporate initiatives and events, including our annual charity golf outing. Through these efforts, the company has raised more than $100,000 for Splash.

How did Antunes become a supplier of water filtration systems for Splash?

After starting Splash, Eric connected with an Antunes team member who had Eric rethinking his assumptions about water filtration systems. The two identified that the water filtration equipment Splash was using was not appropriate for their situation—it needed a lot of electricity, wasted a lot of water and incurred prohibitive reoccurring costs.

After meeting more company representatives at a trade show, Eric was convinced to try out the Antunes equipment, and eight systems were installed in inner Mongolia in 2008. Today, depending on the country, between 75 and 100 percent of Splash’s installation sites employ Antunes water filtration systems, and for those that don’t, it’s typically because the site doesn’t warrant a system of that size.

How does Splash select its installation sites?

Focused on urban areas where there is the highest concentration of poor, Splash conducts a multilayered analysis of a site — looking for a location that has some form of a filtration economy, including: technical workers, a supply chain, distribution channels and maintenance capabilities. By leveraging these assets, in addition to utilizing existing institutions for installations and partnering with quality suppliers like Antunes, Splash is able to create long-term success.

How has the Antunes and Splash partnership impacted the Nepal region?

Before the Nepal earthquakes in April 2015, 150 of Kathmandu's poorest schools already had safe water thanks to the Splash-Nepal team. None of the Antunes water filtration systems themselves were damaged by the earthquake; however, approximately 35 percent of the Splash partner schools relying on Antunes water filtration systems incurred some form of damage from the earthquakes (plumbing, structural, etc.). Splash’s sites instantly became water-distribution points for earthquake victims within the most affected communities.


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