Antunes has built a global reputation for excellence because of our unwavering dedication to providing customers with high-quality business solutions. Our diverse product line helps customers do business in a variety of different industries.

We manufacture all of our products to the strictest quality standards, and they are supported in the field by our expert team of technicians. Our customers continually choose our products because they deliver consistent and accurate results time after time.

Though Antunes offers a wide range of products, many times our customers require a unit that addresses a specific set of requirements. In these instances, our experienced team of engineers regularly works with customers to develop a solution that meets their needs.

Our Customers

Our Customers

At Antunes, we drive success for every customer—first by listening, then by delivering on our steadfast commitment to excellence. It's what motivated our founder, August Antunes, throughout his business career and led him to start the company.

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Mark McBee QSR owner/operator

"Four years ago, I was having a huge issue with my water filters and my Multiplex beverage system. I was continually changing filters due to excessive replacements and rising maintenance and repair costs for recirculating pump replacements..." Click here to read more.


Bill Inzer Sonic restaurant owner

"The VZN System has also had a major impact on our equipment maintenance. It has been really noticeable on our ice machine maintenance. We have reduced our maintenance calls, which has improved our profit..." Click here to read more.


  • Holiday Wishes from Antunes

    As 2018 is drawing to a close, we are grateful for the opportunity to get together and take stock of this incredible year. It’s been one of remarkable change, and even more so, a year filled with truly excellent people.
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving 2018

    This time of gratitude gives us the opportunity to recognize our many blessings — both big and small. Here at Antunes, we have many things to be grateful for this year.
  • Antunes Announces Passing of Mrs. Virginia Antunes

    Antunes has announced that our Chairman of the Board, and wife of founder August J. “Augie” Antunes, Mrs. Virginia M. Antunes passed away on November 10, 2018, at age 92. Mrs. Antunes served on the Board since 1963 and as Chairman of the Board since 1990.
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